About Us

Globussoft builds innovative and cutting edge technology products for the digital marketing industry. With over 4500 customers in more than 50 countries across 5 continents and over 2 million users who consume our services via the web/mobile and cloud aka SAAS, Globussoft is emerging as a key player in the Global Digital Marketing Software Solutions Space.

Globussoft Technologies is a CMM – Level 3, Nasscom Certified, ISO 9001-2000 Certified, Microsoft Gold Certified Software Products Company.  Started in 2009 and headquartered at Bhilai , India, we are a global software products company providing technology products across a wide range of verticals. We touch lives of over 50 million internet users globally with products and services or partnerships. Our Major Business Partners include Frompo , AuraRank and Shopify. Besides this, we partner with leading global companies like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Cisco, Zend, Oracle, Dell, IBM, Zuckup etc. to develop exceptional software products.

Our presence

What we do

We specialize in:

  • Building Social Media Software and solutions consumed by a global audience.
  • Developing Digital Marketing products and solutions that prove themselves industry leaders in their specific niches.
  • Crawling and indexing billions of pages and petabytes of data and processing them on a daily basis to create intelligent data solutions for multiple industries .
  • Helping businesses with their end-to-end digital marketing needs best suited to their segments and niches

Our offerings

Through our Global Network Delivery Model, Innovation Network, and Solution Accelerators, we focus on helping global organizations address their business challenges effectively. Some of our current offerings are:


unhookmeSmartphones are known for their smart applications that make your life easy. But people are getting addicted to these gadgets. You might be a smartphone-addict destructing your healthy lifestyle. Or might be among parents who bought their teen a smartphone and worried of smartphone addiction later. Unhook Me is there to save you from such situations. READ MORE>>

brandzterBrandzter Brandzter is a technology based monitoring platform for brands and local businesses. It can assist corporate organizations by tracking where their name appears on the internet and will act to correct advertising violations or misuse of brand name and bring those websites into compliance. Brandzter integrates with Twitter, Facebook Fan Pages, LinkedIn and other networks where consumers are engaging with businesses and brands. In addition to communication tools, brandzter’s contact management offers, competitive insight, lead generation, reporting, analytics and more ? all in a package that’s intuitive and easy to use. READ MORE>>

Scraper worldScraper World gives you the opportunity to use effective scraping tools for your business purposes. Being a business person, you might know the role of web scraping to fetch data from the internet. Data fetching is a continuous process in digital marketing. This cannot be done manually. Though you managed to do so, there would be many errors in the process. A small entrepreneur cannot afford to hire an employee to assist him. READ MORE>>

cure24x7Cure24x7 is an online clinic where you can get treatment from the place where you are. No need to visit a doctor personally. You can get all the medical services from your home with a click. If you got some health issue in the midnight and you might not go out. But, need urgent medical assessment. No need to worry at all. Cure24x7 is there for you. You can have a live video talk with a doctor on the website or mobile apps of cure24x7 on the spot and get solutions for your problems. READ MORE>>

tasktrampDestination for getting things done. From house painting to personal training, hire the right professional to accomplish your task You cannot do all your works by your own. In a location you are a newbie, you may not find the right person serve you the best, even though you wander around the entire city. But with our trasktramp, you can get the best services from the best professionals for better prices. And yet, you need not step out from home. READ MORE>>

gbGlobus Billing provide you a platform for complete web hosting management. It can effectively manage cloud server on the open stack. The control panel includes Email Hosting Management, Advanced DNS Management, Database Management, File System Management and DNS Management. For a domain name, you can add off-site DNS. READ MORE>>


With offices in Bhilai(India), Bangalore (India), UK, US and Germany, Globussoft businesses are valued at USD 10 million. With constant innovation, technological advancements and global market growth for the need of versatile, scalable softwares, Globussoft is poised to make a big leap in software production.

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