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Globussoft Making Fast Strides In Social Media Ad Intelligence With PowerAdspy - Globussoft

April 17, 2019by GLBADMIN0

As per recent studies, there are around 2.77 billion social media users around the world. The ability to reach an audience of these platforms is massive. And if you are an advertiser or digital marketer, then this is definitely a boon for you.

No matter how big or small, near and far the brands are, they use social media platforms to engage with and connect with their clients. But the biggest challenge and hurdle that comes up with such a huge audience is – How you will know the effectiveness of your ad campaigns?

This is the place where the role of Social Media Ad intelligence comes into play.

Social media ad intelligence brings an extra deep dive into the conversations that take place online, rolling past “retweets” and “likes” for a genuine view into how in reality customers/clients see a business or a brand. Globussoft has been successful in getting a grip over Social media ad intelligence with PowerAdspy by its side. This ultimate ad intelligence platform has helped to take a look in the way how your competitors are advertising and marketing by bringing you their insights about their ad spending budgets, helped to take a sneak peek into the networks that are benefiting their growth and their creative as well as successful ad copy ideas.

Take Note – It has been seen that the businesses that take this sort of social knowledge and keep following with it are at the highest point have a massive advantage over those people who don’t.

Social media Ad Intelligence in one line can be defined as – “The measurement and analysis of ads data from social sources, used to activate, measure and recalibrate marketing and media buying.”

PowerAdspy has emerged as one powerful and highly effective Social Media Ad Intelligence Platform for Advertisers, Media Buyers, Ad agencies, etc. to discover the most profitable ad campaigns/Ideas, effectively analyze the competitor’s campaign strategies, research any social ad campaign in seconds.



As of today, over 1800 agencies are using PowerAdspy to research Social Media Ad campaigns of their competitors.

PowerAdspy is the one and only competitive intelligence platform in social media space with Data Intelligence on 15 million ads from 15+ countries. It works for four major platforms – Facebook, YouTube, Google, and Instagram.

PowerAdspy comes power packed with super intuitive features such as –

  • Introducing ElasticSearch.

You can now search for ads using PowerAdSpy 10x times faster. PowerAdSpy’s ElasticSearch is an open-source full-text search engine. You can store and search for data in real-time. The quest time in ElasticSearch is considerably faster than SQL. You can also search for a phrase, and PowerAdSpy will provide you the results within a fraction of seconds.

Just imagine the speed! You do not have to wait even for a microsecond. Results will be shown to you the moment you hit the search button.

  • Filter ads according to your niche.


One of the powerful features of PowerAdspy is the ability to filter ads. This mode will help you uncover the ads by filtering them by different filters present such as Call To Action, Ad position, Country, language, Age, Ad Type and thereby help you in collecting the most relevant data for improving your Ad strategies.

  • Assembles ads from 15+ countries.

PowerAdspy is one exceptional tool that breaks in more than 15 countries and gathers millions of ads. PowerAdspy has the fastest expanding database. Within a few clicks, you are able to find the latest top running successful ads. Thousands of fresh ads are added to its database on a regular basis.

  • Daily Database Update.

Daily PowerAdSpy database is updated. The high-end experts keep stats such as ( likes, shares, comments, target profile, age, country, etc. ) updated every single day. The users will have access to the latest ad information.

  • View ads based on last seen.

PowerAdSpy works smartly. Whichever ad you see last on any particular platforms, PowerAdSpy will update its database accordingly.

  • Lander Text.

Now you can search for keywords based on the Html page. As each website have their Html page in which they stuff specific keywords. PowerAdSpy store the complete Html page to its database. Users can search for keywords and PowerAdSpy will display the results accordingly.

  • One of its kind Search Mode

PowerAdspy’s potentiality to search ads is unparalleled. It helps you find ads related to your niche, product, competitors or business. There are 3 distinctive options available, by Keywords, Advertisers and Domain. You can sort them according to time, date, likes, comments. Also, you can search for ads by the time it has become live and it has been posted. Total 7 options are included under this function to simplify the task. You can select a default date range like Last month or can select Last 7 days, Last 14 days, or Last 30 days, or can custom date range.

  • In Depth Analytics.



PowerAdspy allows you to have a look at the detailed analytics of each and every single ad that grabs your attention. You can also view social media engagement, ad reach,  and latest trends all on the same page.

  • Bookmark Your Favorite Ads.


PowerAdspy makes it easier for you to bookmark the ads which you liked and are thinking to use it for future work. No more searching for the same ads again and again thereby saving your efforts and time.

  • Ad search customization.

One of the important things is you can search and see as many ads you want. There’s no limit.

PowerAdspy surfaced and risen up as a leader in Social media ad intelligence. All 04 major platforms covered, PowerAdspy has become a go-to place for every marketer and advertiser for searching and spying over the competitor’s ads and being one step ahead of them.

PowerAdspy pricing begins at $0 (limited features) with more far-reaching plans and extensions that can be talked about to fit every business.

Are you looking for that competitive edge on Social Media ads?


Want to know what your competitors are up to?


If yes, PowerAdspy is just the right social media ad intelligence tool for you.


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