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Globussoft Milestones
An Overview Of Our Progress


Over A Decade
Of Innovation

Sparked by innovation and fueled by creativity, Globussoft was established as an IT and Software service provider back in 2009, and since then, it has proved to be a pioneer in the world of technology. Working in the industry for over a decade, we create the most intelligent data solutions for multiple industries on a daily basis. We are nurtured by most experimental minds, and we are looking forward to become a trailblazing corporation over time.

10th Anniversary Celebration

We celebrate the victory we have achieved over 10 beautiful years of hard work, challenges, and opportunities.

Oct 2019: GrocBasket

Our technocrats created a platform to make it feasible for retailers to sell their grocery products online.

Jan 2019: Team Expansion

We expanded our corporation further, and built a new office with intellectual minds at Bengaluru.
Globussoft Working

Dec 2018: Gramboard

We created and launched an Instagram Automation tool to help online businesses save their time.

Sept 2018: Mailgaze

We launched an email marketing automation tool to let people track, analyze their competitors’ campaigns.


March 2017: Dial Eureka

Our professionals came up with a large portal that provided the contact details of individuals and businesses in the USA for free.

2016: New Launches

We partnered with India’s leading women’s ethnic wear brand- Menkaa, and launched a property rental platform- Insta Home Rents.

Menaka Memes

Nov 2014: Socioboard

Our professionals came up with a social media lead generation toolkit along with predictive analysis and reporting.


Nov 2014: Space Debris

One of our most entertaining and engaging mobile games, Space Debris was launched.
Space Debris

April 2014: Team Expansion

We spread our wings further, brought Bengaluru under our umbrella, and started our operations there.

Globussoft Working Area

Feb 2014: Globus Gym

We decided to improvise upon our employees’ facilities and inaugurated Globus Gym for them.
Globus Gym

Jan 2014: Certification and Growth

We achieved Nasscom’s certification, and our revenue increased by 400%, as compared to the previous year.


Nov 2013: Moople

We launched a social media management tool- Moople Social, and an Education Software product- Moople.


Sep 2013: Groupinion

An efficient social decision-making tool- Groupinion V1.07 is successfully launched.


Jun, July 2013: Social Crowd

Globussoft launches Socialcrowd and Battery Saver Reborn. Brandzter gets selected for NASSCOM 10,000 startups.


March 2013: Progress

Brandzter gets selected for Microsoft biz-spark challenge, Forex trading Android app wins the FXCM freestyle app challenge.

April 2012: Growth

Globussoft becomes the largest software exporter in Chhattisgarh revenue-wise by STPI (An initiative by Govt. Of India).

May 2010: Twitzilla

Our product gets $15,000 searches and Windows live search. Twitzilla from Globussoft goes open source


Feb 2010: Cloudminga

A cloud-based backup system offered by Globussoft gets successful and goes open source.

Cloud Minga

Feb 2010: Globus Desktop Search

Our product with the potential to compete with Google’s desktop search and Windows live search goes open source.

Jan 2010: Products Launched

We successfully launched 10 new products, and we aspired for the company’s better future.

Dec 2009: First Achievement

Globussoft became the largest IT exporter in Chhattisgarh, and the revenue doubled to $100,000.

June 2009: Team Expansion

Our team expanded to 25 creative professionals, and revenue growth jumped to $50,000.

Feb 2009: Founded

Globussoft took its first step forward in 2009 when software and IT services were still in infancy.