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Sumit Ghosh

Sumit Ghosh

Founder CEO – Globussoft Co-founder – MarketMongoose

Sumit started Globussoft in 2009 in a garage with a couple of his friends. He has taken the company from an idea to a full-fledged software development company with a customer base of more than 4500, an employee count of 200 and a net worth of USD 10 million in just 6 years. Sumit was 23 when he started his dream company Globussoft while pursuing his 5th semester of his BE Degree at Bhilai Institute of Technology.

He is an Entrepreneur, a Geek, an Ace Programmer, a Strategist, a Visionary, a Thinker and a Hard Core Planner and jokingly likes to call himself a Nasty Boss!

Sumit dons more than a decade of experience in Product Development, Architecture Planning and Project Management. His primary focus areas include Microsoft Technologies, Java and PHP (Open Source) and he’s an expert programmer on various platforms like .NET 2,3.5,4.0, WordPress, Joomla, Magento. He’s adept in programming languages like VC++ 9, C# 3.0, PHP 5, Java, Coldfusion 8, Assembly, VB.NET, VB 6.0 etc.

While working with TCS for more than a year, he was involved in researching on latest MS Technologies, making prototypes for enterprise grade applications, performance modelling and benchmarking of applications on latest .NET technologies like WCF/WPF/WF and Windows Cardspace.

At TCS Sumit got an opportunity to work with a bunch of Fortune 100 companies like Citi Group, Ferrari, Meryll Lynch and NSE India. While at TCS, Sumit got an offer from Microsoft IDC (India Development Center) based out of Bangalore. It was a very lucrative offer with a handsome package and greater learning opportunities. However, at the peak of his career and with a dream Job in hand, he left TCS and turned down the offer from Microsoft to recreate and shape his dream company Globussoft.

Besides being a leader in his software development, Sumit is a member of Corporate Technology Excellence Group of Microsoft Practices. He loves writing for his blog http://sumitghosh.co.in.

Sumit enjoys an admirable position in Digital Marketing space. He is quite friendly with his employees and enjoys hanging out with his family and friends. Besides, he’s also a celebrated speaker at various tech seminars, meets and conferences.

Linkedin: in.linkedin.com/in/sumitghosh007



Mr. K.V.T Shridhar Rao

VP – Globussoft

Mr. Shridhar brings more than two decades of experience as a freelance journalist working for National and International media. A post graduate from Delhi, he has been an investigative journalist since 1992 and has worked with highly reputed media houses like BBC, Channel 4, Star Group, Doordarshan, ABP etc. He has been a political analyst and media advisor to political party for more than 14 years. He also heads all strategic communications, media relations, and at present he is having positions as follows : 1. Chairman – Mitaan Foundation 2. Director – Mitaan India Media Pvt. Ltd. 3. Editor & Publisher – Mitaan Express 4. Founder – Save The Nation 5. President – Chhattisgarh Press Counsil (NGO). 6. Vice President – GLobussoft


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Mr. Mohit Gupta

Manager Operations

Mohit has an affluent experience of 5 years in Software Product Management, Product Sales, Business Development, Operations Management and has unanimous experience in Product Development and Marketing. His primary area of proficiency embrace Testing-Automation, Embedded Designing, and Software Testing. As an experienced product sales manager, he is passionately involved in the development and marketing of new technology-based products across a wide range of verticals and at the same time he’s very much interested in sharing his huge reservoir of knowledge with others. His passion for this field is incredible and can match only by his avidity to share his knowledge. His professional experience with his teaching skill gives a threshold to his proficiency.


chandrakant copy

Mr. Chandrakant Sahu

Deputy Executive – HR

Mr. Sahu has 4 years of solid professional experience in HR and Marketing and has previously worked with top IT companies. He is currently into HR and is passionate about bringing out the best to the organization. His experience in the IT industry coupled with his skill give an edge to his expertise. He is a person looking for challenges, innovation and a desire to break away from the regular through skilled leadership. His primary area of proficiency embraces HR planning, Performance Management, Policies management, Recruitment and General Administration. He loves to explore his knowledge and is passionate about guiding and hiring skilled engineers and resolve the hiring hitches of software product start-ups and take them to grab their dream jobs.


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