Globus Billing

Globus Billing provides you a platform for complete web hosting management. It can effectively manage cloud servers on the open stack. The control panel includes Email Hosting Management, Advanced DNS Management, Database Management and File System Management. For a domain name, you can add off-site DNS.

1. Creating tiny server cell using Docker virtualization: The tiny server cell using Docker virtualization provides important benefits for software improvement where one can separate completely the runtime conditions, thus having the host machine intact. In the web developing world, virtualization is a “must-have” that allows corporations to optimize server performance costs. It has used the cloud and application development, allowing a low-overhead means to package and deploy all the applications.

2. Creating Shared Hosting Servers: Our shared hosting server is the fastest and most affordable way to get your website online. Here you can host many websites on one web server joined to the Internet.

3. Dedicated server management using OpenStack: Although multiple workloads are going to virtual machines, there are cases where dedicated servers are required. To meet these various demands, the provider typically maintains these services in different environments, practicing Cloud Automation for VMs and storing physical servers manually.

4. Automate web application on docker: Docker is an open source support management platform for managing and deploying software. Here, the whole method is automatic, except for portions which were listed as manual steps.

5. Application specific server deployment: The deployment of modifications started to feature branches should provide an opportunity to test characteristics in isolation. The solution can be used again and it is probable to use it in following projects.


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