Business Partners

We enjoy strong partnership with major companies in India and abroad, each bringing in their niche expertise, competitive advantage, and strategic contribution to continue evolving together. We aim at creating new partnerships and strengthening the new ones to mutually drive and benefit from our processes and knowledge while functioning at the highest level across all frontiers.

Business Partner

We contribute to and benefit from our strategic partnerships with:






GoDaddy is a world famous supplier of cheap web hosting, and it offers brilliant features and great Windows & Linux hosting solutions at affordable rates. GoDaddy is devoted to providing its customers with great and affordable shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server services.





Frompo is a next generation green and clean curative search engine.

Frompo identifies and classifies the best content for a given topic or category as per the user specifications and browsing pattern.While most search engines typically get most of their traffic from the top 10-20% of their indexes, Frompoperforms very specific and to-the-point, apt searches based on user needs.





AuraRank  offers amazing SEO services through its powerful ranking process and great support.

It excels in manually created backlinks offering great rank improvements to new sites, to existing sites and even to those sites suffering from sandbox. With its amazingly diverse link building, content management and social media optimization, AuraRank  capitalizes on its strength to steer through big changes in the algorithms of popular search engines.






Shopify enables without any technical or design experience to create a beautiful online store.

One can simply choose a stylish e-commerce website design, easily customize their online store, add products, and they’re pretty much ready to accept payments. So whether you already have products, are looking to sell digital goods, or are interested in drop shipping — Shopify offers complete solutions for you.








Zuckup offers you a platform to transfer money the way we live today. The world is inherently growing mobile and social. Zuckup believes that the world needs a better social and mobile way to transact.

Zuckup is a new, fast and secure way to transfer money to your Facebook friends using your mobile. It’s easy and fun to make quick payments to your buddies through SMS, email or face-to-face using bump technology.

Using the internet you can connect to any of your Facebook friends, or use their email id or their phone number to make a quick transaction. It’s even easier to do this just by bumping your cell phones (using NFC Technology) to give you an enriched personal payment experience.

Zuckup effectively leverages your Facebook connections to give you a frictionless mobile banking experience. For merchants, Zuckup provides a secure payment gateway, merchant account, recurring billing and credit card storage, as well as industry-leading customer service and an easy-to-integrate API. Zuckup operates internationally, and allows merchants in numerous countries across the globe to exchange payments in more than 40 currencies.


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