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Best assistant to help you attain goals, reach to your desired audience directly and manage all your daily post and business campaigns with ease.

Maintain A Strong Online Presence Effortlessly

Faceboard Pro is one of the best Facebook Management tools available in the market. This app helps you manage your Facebook account eminently and execute marketing strategies properly, as well as helping to generate huge leads and sales for a brand and helping an individual build a strong presence.

Pages Management

This feature allows you to manage Facebook fan pages, likes, and comments on targeted posts, uploading videos, posting messages on your own Facebook pages, and targeted fan page, automatically. You can also invite people and encourage them to like your page.

Groups Management

You can monitor your groups, submit invites, send requests for groups, add or remove group messages. The best part is that you can manage multiple posts per community, using targeted team URLs.

Account Management

Best way to manage your account, quick uploads, multiple accounts, monitor active and inactive accounts, friends, followers and many more in just one single click. Also helps you to change your profile name and language of the uploaded account.

Photos Management

Download the photo of your choice and tag your friend's name on that photo. You can also tag the targeted audience to grab the attention as well as download a complete album of a Facebook fan-page.

Event Management

This feature provides full monitoring of Facebook events. On your uploaded profile, you can build events, load event details, invite friends to events, and also load other events so you can also submit an application for those events.

Friends Management

Easy way to add targeted friends to your account. Accept/cancel friend request and invite friends. Targeting can also be done based on Geo-Location.You can send friend request via name, locations, profile URLs or profile URLs.

Here Are Some Of Our Best Features

Grow your followers

Allows you to upload different accounts, monitor active and inactive accounts, followers and friends, of your Facebook accounts in a single snap.
Target people and send friend requests based on the means of name, areas, profile URLs.
Advanced Settings
Change the color settings according to your wish and bring your favorite colors to the dashboard.
Facebook Scrapper

Everything at your convenience

FB Poster
Now easily like, comment or do both on your custom list of posts or other selected posts on your dashboard.
FB groups
Join the groups of your targeted audience through multiple accounts in one go.
FB Messenger
Send text messages and pictures to your targeted list, and friends from different accounts all at a time as well as in batches daily.

Neverending features

FB Events
Create and automate multiple events from multiple accounts all at the same time. Also you can host all your public events by pages.
FB Scraper
Scrape the details of Facebook users by event, fan pages, groups, posts etc and filter the list by gender and location for your ease.
Create campaigns for different actions. Also run and pause them whenever you want with a single click.
Facebook Dominator

Social Networks

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