Facebook is the second most visited website on the internet. Last year, it made a business nearly of $13 billion. Its humongous popularity and user base can help any business skyrocket their sales and lead generation procedure.

But we cannot deny the fact that managing a Facebook account is not a piece of cake. We need to be consistent, determined and smart with our plans and goals. Luckily, we have some Facebook marketing software available to us which eases our work to a great extent. One of such eminent software is FaceboardPro which is known for its excellent features and great assistance to businesses in setting up their marketing at Facebook.

Here are some of the major features of Faceboard Pro-

(I)- Account Management- This is the most important component of FaceboardPro. You can upload different accounts, monitor active and inactive accounts, followers and friends, of your Facebook accounts in a single snap. You can likewise change your profile name and language of the transferred account.

(II)- Event Management- This component give the complete administration of Events on Facebook. You can make occasion on your uploaded account, load event details, welcome followers and Friends to occasions, and load another occasion additionally so you can send demand for those occasions as well. URL.

(III)- Friend and Follower Management- We have highlights like request friends, accept a friend request and welcome friends. You can target friends. Targeting on can be likewise done in view of Geo-Location. You can send Friend request by means of name, areas, profile URLs. You can likewise upload mobile number or email ID of yours and send him/her a request.

(IV)- Pages Administration- This component let you consequently oversee Facebook fan pages, as and remark on a focused on a post, even you can uploads videos, post messages all alone Facebook pages and focused on a fan page. Likewise, you can make a page for your fans to urge them to like your page. There are different components excessively like fan page notice.

(V)- Wall Administration- This element permit you to post a pic on your wall of events. You can post pics of your course of events through stacking focused on URLs, welcoming messages or through one of your envelopes in your PC.

(VI)- Message Administration- Concentrate on focused people now and send them an immediate message with pictures likewise you can send a video to connect too to your Friends inbox, even you can send messages to those Facebook clients who are not straightforwardly appended with you.

(VII)- Group Administration- This component give the complete administration of your Facebook groups. You can deal with your potential bunch of people, send group welcome, send group request, include or erase group post. The best part is you can deal with a various post per group, use focused on gathering URLs. This includes additionally permit planning of uploading and cancellation of group post.

(VIII)- Data Administration- You can just target right group of audiences identified with your business sector in the event that you have right leads for a specific corner. So our software will give you fan page individuals, a group of individuals and a custom group of audiences scraper.

(IX)- Photograph Administration- Well, this component is the most stunning one! What’s more, you can’t deny this. This element permits you to download the Photograph and tag your friend on that photograph. You can likewise set the measure of friend you need to tag. You can tag the targeted gathering of people to get the consideration and, in addition, download a complete collection of a Facebook fan page.

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