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From CEO's Desk - Globussoft

From CEO's Desk
Sumit Ghosh

Mr. Sumit Ghosh

Back in 2009, I established Globussoft to reflect and show my passion for new technologies in business and ongoing excellence. Over the years, with a dedicated team of intellects, this company transformed into one of the leading software engineering companies in Central India. 

I hold a technical degree in Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science Engineering from Bhilai Institute of Technology and was selected by TATA Consultancy Services, Asia’s Largest Software Exporter in Campus and joined TCS fresh out of college. Working with TCS had been a fun and great learning experience. I also got a chance to work with a bunch of Fortune 100 companies like CitiGroup, Ferrari, Meryll Lynch and I even spent some time at the National Stock Exchange of India as a trainee. Most of my projects were technology consulting which I provided as a part of the Technology Excellence Group in TCS, Mumbai. 

But destiny had something else in store for me. At the peak of my career and with a dream Job in Hand, I left TCS and turned down the offer from Microsoft to return back to Globussoft, to fulfill the greatest dream I cherished from my college days. 

Globussoft, my dream company, which was ignited while I was still in the 5th semester of my college, was started as a group of 5 friends. With a strenuous start and enormous struggle but with a clear vision of our goal, we kept escalating to build a remarkable presence in the Software Industry. That’s How Globussoft was born. I simply booked the domain, and created a bland site (by today’s standards) and voila we were in Business!

At Globussoft, we are committed to a more transparent present & a sustainable future, and I can proudly say that we are dedicated to the highest standards of excellence and service. Globussoft is all about inventive minds and committed environment. To fulfill our responsibilities, we frequently deliver innovations that stimulate long-term growth, bring more profit, and are sustainable for us and our stakeholders. 

We celebrated our 10 years at the dawn of 2019, and are eagerly waiting to start off all of our coming years with a bang. We embark on the second decade of our renewed journey and look forward to improving the way we work. Globussoft is an entity of the imaginative brains working behind it, and we are continuously changing to serve our best. 

Mr. Sumit Ghosh
Founder & CEO

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