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Instagram is the most engaged social media of the day. It has proved to be a vital stage for endorsing a product. But marketing at Instagram has never been easy. That’s where Gramboard Pro plays a vital role. It has been specially designed keeping in mind the necessity of users. This software, over the years, has evolved as a great assistance for entrepreneurs to market their product on Instagram.

Undoubtedly, Instagram is one of the best places to endorse a product. People really like the way of sharing information via videos and photos. GramBoard Pro is a great product that helps users to eminently endorse their product at Instagram. Once you use it, you get to know its various features that are not available in other marketing software and is quite essential for endorsements on Instagram.

Account Management- You can now easily manage multiple accounts from a single window. You can easily increase your productivity with the help of this account section and you can even check the status, ips and mange the accounts with a lot more ease.

Follow- Now you can easily target the audience and easily follow your target audiences by using their profile URLs and even automatically. This module helps you increase your audience and exposure.

Un-follow- Now you can easily unfollow mass that is of no use. You don’t need to monitor their activities and the software will check the profile that is of no use at regular intervals and make sure they don’t waste your time.

Photos- Instagram is all about Photos and Videos. Management of the post and scheduling is a great responsibly. Now you can schedule your post using this software and can post them at intervals that are set by you.

Hashtag Management- Hashtag hold a great importance at Instagram. Earlier people used to monitor the hashtag that is trending but now the same is done by the software that too within minutes. Now you can easily get the trending hashtag and use them for your post.

Image URLs- Now the software can load plenty of images that you need and want to post at your Profile. Now you won’t be lacking out of photos.

Follower Details- Now you don’t need to worry about the details of the followers. The scraper will easily scrape the information of your followers.

Comment Management- Now you don’t need to search for photos that you want to comment at. Now the software will help you search the posts and comment on the posts that can prove to be handy for your product and profile.

User Management- You can get easily your targeted users and you can easily start your marketing campaign. Targeting can be done automatically or by manually selecting the profile URLs.


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