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Inboardpro is helpful in providing LinkedIn management solution. Using this premium marketing and lead generation tool you’ll be confidently presenting impactful social media excel with limited effort. Specifically, it benefits your inbound lead generation plan. The inboardpro is a new answer for worldwide brand marketers who need to significantly magnify their understanding needs, services and a likelihood of active success.

Important Features

1. Add Connection: You can manage your connection through e-mail or by search keywords in this section. In this way, you will get connected with new profiles. You can also visit numerous profiles and create distinct connections.
2. LinkedIn Search: With this section you can gather data on your required profile of a user or any company. You can do this by giving email ID, keyword, and URL.
3. LinkedIn Get Data: It will provide you the option to search data through your desired category. You can make distinct campaigns to see multiple profiles.
4. Status Update: When you like to share your ideas with your LinkedIn connection you can update your status in your profile. This feature provides you to post status containing spin texts and URLs.
5. Create Groups: You can create various groups in this to leverage your business and this has two option like open groups and close groups. You can send your connections to request to join your group.
6. Join Friends Group: Here you can take the data of the groups where your friends are involved and you can connect with them. It happens easily with few clicks.
7. Join Search Group- The software easily assists the user to join various search groups that can help in marketing the product. You can join the groups of your domain. Delay setting assists in efficiently doing the task.
8. Group Status Update: Now you don’t need to worry about the group status update. In a single click, you can update your thoughts and posts at multiple groups by a single click. Even now you can easily fetch the details of your groups and you don’t need to stretch much to get the details.
9. Compose Message- Now you can send a message to all your connections in a single click itself. You simply need to compose a message and by the help of the software, you can share the message with each of your connections.
10. Message Group Member- It is one of the most important features. Now you can easily scrap the details of your connections and selectively message to the specific group of connections that you are interested in.
11. IP Setting- IP setting is very important while you are operating multiple accounts at the same time. Generally, people get confused but now the software makes it relevantly easier to manage the IP settings.
12. Endorse Your Profile- Now you can import some of your connections to endorse yourself a skill. Endorsing a skill is quite important. Now the software helps you to increase your skills by examining the profile of your connections.


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