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Inspire The Next With Best Ever Open-Source LinkedIn Management Solution

Skyrocket Your Conversions and Leverage the power of LinkedIn marketing with the best ever Inboard Pro.

LinkedIn Management Done Right

Inboardpro is an open-source LinkedIn management solution, for building a personal brand, lead generation, recruiting the right candidates using Linkedin service. This platform provides real-time visibility across your entire requirements, enabling unprecedented access to clients, candidates, companies, and business data worldwide.

Account Manager

Upload accounts and delete accounts with one simple click.


Easy way to send invitations to multiple people using their emails and send them invitations by search and different keywords too.


A simple way to help you get all the status updated in different groups all at once.


Allows you to send messages to first connections in your profile and also helps you in searching for connections with different keywords.

Data Mining

One of the most powerful features in the market for scraping profiles in LinkedIn.


Simple scraper module, which helps in searching by keywords, URL options and whatever number of results you will get scrap and store it.

Associate With New Connects

Add Connections
Associate with new profiles and create unique connections by email or easy to use the keyword search feature. This feature also enables you to divide data, delay settings and thread settings which helps in performing your actions accurately.
Create A Group
You can create various groups from your LinkedIn Accounts and can easily send invitations to your connections to join your Groups. You can create open groups as well as closed groups.
Msg Group Member
Easy way to get the details and send a message to your group members in a few clicks. You can use spin texts and name tag options that will help in making your messages active. Simply select members and import messages.
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Quick and Easy Management

Easy Filtration
Get more profiles from LinkedIn by filtering the search criteria and creating different campaigns as per the niche. It works with various types of accounts such as basic, premium, recruiter lite, sales browser accounts, etc.
Quick Status Update
Convenient way to share your thoughts with your groups. This feature helps you to update your status to multiple groups with just one tap. This feature also helps you in getting all of your group details easily.
Join Search Option
Check out the groups in your niche, send them request and join them in just one single click. Delay settings will also help you to do process easily.

Safety And Security

Authenticate Your Profile
A simple way to enhance your skill sets in your profile by endorsing skills from your connections and endorse their skills.
IP Setting
Enables you to assign public or private IP’s for your accounts easily.
Import Your Connections
Easy way to import your connections and send them messages easily by spin texts and name tag options.
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