World’s most advanced Facebook Ad-Intelligence with intellect spy features and data filtering tools is here. A tool that spy’s on your competitors Facebook Ads.If you need to search relevant Ads for your company or filters based search on age, gender, interests, keywords; It’s all here at your fingertips. For a business, it’s very important to promote their products socially for the rapid growth.You can use the advanced spy feature on your competitors and as a marketer, by using the information as a power to facilitate your Ads comparatively better. As we know, almost 90% or more people around the world use Facebook as a communication medium, it is also the best platform to promote a business and by advertising one-self, we can create winning Ads for our business. This tool will help you, creating what’s best for your business.

Why PowerAdspy?


● It comes with the ability to search Ads based on your niche or domain.

● You can filter Ads easily

● Helps to create efficient marketing strategies.

● It also allows you to spy on your competitors by tracking their ad copies, their creatives, angles etc.

● You can directly use the data scraped by PowerAdspy for your ad campaign, beat your competition, and monetize your business.

● It’s Time savvy. Time is very important for everyone and PowerAdspy saves a lot of time which you can use for different purposes.

How to use it?


● If you want to find ads relevant to a certain keyword, just go to the Search Mode and apply the Keywords filter. You can find all the competitors in your niche. When you’ve found your competitors, you can also study them individually using the filter Advertisers to display all their ads on the dashboard.

● For better search option, you can select the Ad Position and Ad Type which will tell you if the ad is a side column ad or a news feed. It even finds the video ads.

● If you don’t find specific ads, change your keyword. If you still don’t find the specific ads that you’re looking for, then log in to your account and click on “User Suggestions”.

PowerAdSpy offers systematicc advantages over your competitiors and competetive prevalence for your company


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