SocialSignifier is a website promotion tool that drives traffic and links through social signals.

Social Signal is an industry term for anytime your website is mentioned on social networks like Facebook. There is more than one form of social signal, including liking a page, voting on a link, or sharing the link with your friends. These work just like hyperlinks from websites and blogs. If you use any major social network, then you’re probably familiar with social signals and have probably created some yourself.



Captalize on Established Brands!

RebrandOne is a successful online internet business, which has been built to help other internet entrepreneurs build their online businesses. Be it an e-commerce idea or the next killer mobile app, RebrandOne can help you build, scale and market it.

At RebrandOne we have tied up with marketing agencies with proven track record. This makes us a one-stop destination from idea to prototype stage and marketing. As a bonus, we also help you connect with VCs to raise funds after project gains some traction. We are not a clone shop but an end to end solution for your internet business needs.

Business markets today can move incredibly fast from conceptualization to product launch, to product development, to branding, to diversification and so on. RebrandOne helps entrepreneurs replicate already successful ideas/products in the western markets into other local markets. RebrandOne considerably reduces time to market by taking ideas from existing products/apps thus enabling you toquickly test the idea in any market you want using our clone softwares.

RebrandOne is a website that would bring a number of products that are very well known globally – websites, games, apps and much more to the local customers. RebrandOne also serves as a repository of clone softwares of existing products/apps in the market that can be customized, improved upon and scaled for recurrent profit.

Our RebrandOne Customers enjoy some very distinct advantages:

  • Free installations and setup
  • Free marketing guidance and support, we have tie ups with many marketing agencies and companies and we can recommend you stuff that works
  • Free RebrandOne branding assistance
  • User-friendly UI and customizable software
  • Lifetime support and free maintenance of all software. You only pay for upgrades if you upgrade your software.

Connect with us today for a live demo of any of the products and speak to a RebrandOne expert to learn how to create a successful online business!



Emp Monitor is the best of its kind cloud-based monitoring and tracking software. This is really helpful for the employers who want to keep track of their employee activities in the office.

Among the classic features of Emp Monitor, it can take and save the screenshots within the certain time intervals. With this feature, you can make your employee stop wasting their time on unwanted internet accessing. Thus, you can increase the employee efficiency.

Emp Monitor can generate reports for each employee individually. This feature gives flexibility to the employer to make a better analysis of the staff. Now it is easy to reward the employees who really deserve it.

Use this easy to install cloud-based software and get regular updates of it for free. We offer easy troubleshooting services for this software. So, get this software right now to create a healthy work atmosphere in your workstation.




If you are a game freak and loves to play anytime anywhere, Globusgames offers more and more games to play on mobile phones and tablets. Enjoy the wide variety of games and get ready for hours of fun on your personal device. Find the latest games on our website or throught the usual app stores channels. Our mission is to enrich your life through interactive and addictive games and experience that are fun and worth sharing. We are trailblazers in the casual game territory, developing and distributing innovative, irreverent, addictive games.




Join the emerging player of Ecommerce and Use the power of internet to widen your reach in relation to your local buyers. Vesyl gives you a platform to showcase your products in the confined market and make them reach local customers easily. Expand your products feasibility to wider consumers within your area. Vesyl gives you an opportunity to compete against online retailers and other global competitors with same technology and tools consume by large Ecommerce giants.





DominatorHouse hosts a growing list of social media automation tools developed and supported by a team of dedicated programmers.

DominatorHouse, a social HUB that incorporates the world’s leading Social Media Marketing Automation Tools designed to help you grow your business with various social networks — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc. The platform offers a full stack of products for social media marketers to grow traffic and convert visitors into customers, skyrocket sales, close more leads with less work and align customer relationship with ease..



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