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The ultimate twitter management tool. It is built with a purpose to do Twitter marketing effectively and efficiently and help your business to make more money. Twitter management software allows you to oversee all features of your Twitter accounts in the single interface. It helps you to manage all the activities on Twitter like sending and receiving tweets, viewing profile, retweets and many more. You are able to join multiple Twitter accounts, manage your feeds, customize what you want to view, compose and schedule tweets.

Twtboardpro is a tool that helps to achieve leads in your business successfully. So, here you will get to know all the complete features that are provided by Twtboardpro to uplift your business to a skyrocketing level within less time.

1. Manage Account: It helps you to manage your account. You can easily check whether the account is active or in the inactive mode. You can do this by providing username and e-mail ID.

2. Follower Management: You can easily follow multiple accounts with the help of twitter management tool. Within few clicks, you can get followers. Through this section, you can easily follow or unfollow Twitter users.

3. Tweet Management: It enables with automatic features to do the activities like tweet, retweet and reply. It supports you to do single or multiple tweets as you required.

4. Wait & Reply Management: This is the best way that will increase traffic to your site. You can do this by uploading a particular text file and fix a time to schedule it.

5. Un-follower Management: You can unfollow the users who are not following you back. With one click you can flushes your non-followers.

6. Scrape Users: This feature is most valuable from a business point of view. It scrapes the data of the followers of your followings or any other user’s followers without difficulty.

7. IP Settings: You can set your IP to all the accounts differently. Not only this you can manage the accounts with private and public too. You can check the proxies which are in working conditions and set accordingly to your accounts.

8. Tweet Creator Managements: It enables you to generate tweets with spinner input, Scrape tweets using keywords, also, you can collect tweets and re-tweets of one or multiple users.

9. Filter Users: You can easily separate users based on their location, tweets, followers, and followings


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