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Smartphones are known for their smart applications that make your life easy. But people are getting addicted to these gadgets. You might be a smartphone-addict destructing your healthy lifestyle. Or might be among parents who bought their teen a smartphone and worried of smartphone addiction later. Unhook Me is there to save you from such situations.

Now, you can control your smartphone usage and unhook yourself from the smart gadget using our smart app, Unhook Me. Our best-in-class features help you to monitor you and your kid’s mobile utilization and soon they can get rid of this addiction. So, you can leive a happier and healthier life again.

You can get Unhook Me from Google Play Store. We introduce a user-friendly character, Laila to give you notifications whenever your mobile usage exceeds the limit. This app can automatically disconnect your calls, data connection and text messages when you are using an over rate. And there are so many other features that help you to unhook from this addiction.

So, get this app for your smartphone from the play store now and be a part of our happy customer community leading a peaceful life.


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