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Amazon Web Services

Innovate With Cutting-Edge
Amazon Cloud Services

Break The Glass Ceiling Of Competition With Us
Expand monetization radar in the world of unmatched AWS mission-critical software development trends. Build, consult, optimize & monitor Saas products with our top-notch cloud native AWS services.
Accelerate Towards Next Gen's Amazon Cloud Services.

Innovate With Cutting-Edge
Amazon Cloud Services

Break The Glass Ceiling Of Competition With Us
Expand monetization radar in the world of unmatched AWS mission-critical software development trends. Build, consult, optimize & monitor Saas products with our top-notch cloud native AWS services.
Accelerate Towards Next Gez's Amazon Cloud Services.

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App Modernization And Backend Optimization

App modernization is the practice of updating the software/ server’s back-end comprehensively. Our operations involve using containerization to enhance the software deployment standards.

Cloud-Native Full Stack App Development

Build and run applications with respect to the recent trends in tech. Optimize the experience of your clients in terms of efficient and intuitive UI/UX. We use Next JS and React JS for the fullstack development.

DevOps & Cloud Ops - Cloud Infra management

We provide a single management platform for multiple clouds to operate on integrated software & hardware components. Induce greater flexibility & security over operational issues under DevOps & Cloud Ops.

App Modernization

Seamless, Cost-Effective Approach To Cloud Migration
Monolith To Microservices Migration

We facilitate migrating from a monolithic architecture to microservices under AWS serverless lambda & containerization-based frameworks. Containerization assists DevOps engineers in efficiently transferring databases into any cloud system. It improves resilience and scalability for easy maintenance of a product. Also, AWS serverless lambda assists in controlling the costs of keeping up a server. With this technology, the client will only have to pay when someone visits the software product, not all of the time.

App Backend Optimization

We leverage app backend optimization technology with full-stack rejuvenation using next js and other strategic mechanisms to achieve complete cloud-agnostic competence. Next js framework allows the developer to program back-end code in components, which makes the process pretty much errorless. Other than that, it helps in detecting and rectifying server issues and assists in database management. Additionally, it improves the user experience by eliminating buffering while loading any web page.

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Cloud-Native Full Stack App Development

Efficiently Scalable, Smoothly Manageable, Undeniably Robust
Microservices Design and Development
We assist in the design and development of SAAS products that involve the usage of microservices. We enable cloud-agnostic virtuosity within the SAAS software development framework that increases the flexibility of operations under diverse circumstances.
Mobile App Development
(Android Native & IOS Native)
We help our clients to get specific app development assistance. Native progressive apps require separate programming language, core features, maintenance, development strategy, & UI UX design strategy. And we provide everything for your apps to stand out!
Web App Development
(Next JS, React JS)
We deliver full-stack development using next js and react js under android native or iOS native framework. A developer can achieve an extremely intuitive user interface and navigation that can directly influence ROI for the brand.

DevOps & Cloud Ops
- Cloud Infra management

Sit Back & Let The Clouds Do The Work

Monitor and maintain existing SAAS software on DevOps, SysOps & ML Ops under the umbrella of cloud infra technologies.

AWS Compute, Storage, Networking Ops

Get assistance on elastic data processing and storage issues. Our cloud computing services help clients to effectively operate under cloud networking infrastructure.

Observability Management

Automatically identify the cause of possible errors in cloud operations before time & improve monitoring caliber along with software reliability.

DevOps – CI/CD

We assist with appropriate DevOps implementation using CI/CD approach for faster operations. Accelerate and achieve continuous integration for high resiliency & risk mitigation with delivery cycles.

ML Ops

Enable automated testing of deployed operations under an attentively regulated development environment.


Ensure the smooth monitoring & operations of cloud infrastructure by de-risking servers and consistently managing thousands of devices.

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Product Based Companies

Start Innovating Your SAAS Products

We Deliver Function Critical AWS Professional Services!

Embed High-Tech Agile Mechanics To
Comprehensive Cloud Deployments

Experience The New Approach To Automation With AWS Cloud Services

Globussoft is a decade old intuitive SAAS product development workstation that revolutionizes the overall cognitive abilities of the software using AWS managed services. We are here to create the utmost innovative cloud-infra operation models that combine human ingenuity with cutting-edge applied intelligence.

Our mission is to assist Gen-Z enterprises in optimizing their way into the mainstream AWS workspaces under a reasonable cost. Our zealous techies are aided by the ambition to deliver high-quality products to strengthen your competitive hold on the market.

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Let’s Hear The Success Stories

With Experience of more than a decade and many satisfied customers all over the world, Globussoft is helping businesses grow faster.

Case Studies

Most powerful Social Ads advertising analytics tool – India, USA & worldwide.

Technologies Used: Frontend: PHP (Laravel) , Backend: PHP (Laravel), Dot net, Elasticsearch, Prometheus, Grafana, Kafka, HostGnome Servers., Database: MySQL.

AWS Cloud Service Stack: AWS EC2, ASG (Auto scaling Groups), LB (Load Balancer), S3, cloud watch


Most Powerful Social media management and content marketing platform (India, USA & Worldwide)

Technologies Used: Frontend: PHP (Laravel), Backend: Node Js (Micro service architecture), Python (Competitor Analysis) , Database: MongoDB, MySQL, Redis.

AWS Cloud Service Stack: AWS EC2.

Discrete Employee Monitoring, Productivity management Tracking & HRMS Operations [India]

Technologies Used: Frontend: PHP (Laravel), Backend: Node Js ( Micro service architecture), Nest Js, Python (AI processing) , Database: MongoDB, MySQL, Redis.

AWS Cloud Service Stack: AWS EC2, ASG (Auto scaling Groups), LB (Load Balancer), Route-53 for Routing and Domain Mapping.

Holiday Photography Progressive Web Application (PWA) Development – Australia, India & USA

Technologies Used: Frontend: PHP (Laravel), Backend: Node.js, Database: MySQL.

AWS Cloud Service Stack: Amazon Lightsail. Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 (Assets optimized Storage and deep archive for legacy data) & API Gateway.

Product Based Companies
Frequently Asked Questions
Discover The Answers to The Questions You Have Been Wondering!
How do you approach security concerns?

It’s all about detection and prevention. Our experts manage cloud security and compliance by anticipating, detecting, and eliminating security threats while pro-actively exercising security hardening practices combined with an additional security layer of Amazon API gateway providing a unified entry point across internal APIs.

Can Globussoft help me decide whether we should migrate to AWS Cloud or not?

Yes, our experts can run a Proof of Concept to determine migration feasibility before getting started with the actual migration process.

How can Globussoft help as an AWS Consulting Partner?

We help clients of all sizes visualize, structure, engineer, create, migrate, test, secure, manage, and optimize AWS workloads and applications. Our team of AWS cloud services experts, Engineers, and Security Specialists deliver tailored cloud solutions as per your desired business outputs and improve your results.

How is DevOps strategy game-changing in reaching cloud goals?

DevOps saves excessive expenses while bringing greater scale, traceability, and visibility to IT Operations. It decreases the possibility of code changes impacting production by providing consistency to the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Globussoft can assist companies in finding and creating techniques for software delivery and IT operations swiftly and scale using the DevOps strategy.

Why should I go for AWS lambda?

AWS Lambda can easily save you a lot of money and resources. Being a serverless, event-driven cloud service, it allows you to run code or utilize backend service for virtually any application without having or managing servers.

Why is Orchestration vital for Cloud Migration?

To ensure data integrity and bypass deployment errors during cloud migration cloud orchestration is crucial. It provides various essential advantages for cloud management: improved optimization, visibility, and control, increased business dexterity, long-term cost conservancies, and many more.

Significance of Containerization in Microservices?

Containerization in microservices makes the container featherweight, and portative, and remarkably reduces the overhead needed for hosting them. These are typically more robust than a traditional monolithic application providing better performance and a lower infrastructure footprint.

Can I get analysis and consulting for Integration Projects?

You are welcome to take advantage of a team of experts. Either at the earliest stages of the integration project with Globussoft or as a separate, vendor-independent service.



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