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Executive Management

Executive Management

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  • Sourav Patra
  • Shalabh Shrivastav
  • Deepak Sahu
  • Palak Gupta
Sourav Patra

Sourav Patra

Sr. Project Manager

As a project manager, Sourav is a passionate leader and a strong believer in bringing visions into reality. It has been 8 years since he joined hands with the company. Ever since the first moment he’s been directing consumer-centric products to its success with his intuitive sense of innovation. He syncs the team’s efforts with his intriguing ideas & head-start towards their implementation. During his service, we have launched various profit-making projects bring higher than usual ROI to the company. There are rocky and excellent paths in handling a commercial product development project, and Sourav Patra has lead them in a way that made those products a brand!

Shalabh Srivastav

Operation Manager

With more than seven years of hands-on Operations and Team Management experience including programming, software design, new installations, user training, and support, Shalabh is experienced in both technical as well as non-technical aspects of software systems. He is actively involved in process improvement plans, development, supervising our product, test, deployment, support group, and daily management of employees. He holds a graduation degree in Computer Applications.

Deepak Sahu

HR and Finance Head

Deepak works closely with Globussoft’s board as a senior accountant to define and execute finance-related initiatives and plan for future growth, including budgeting, forecasting, pricing, and strategic planning. He also leads forecasting activities, due diligence, & valuation for acquisitions, while overseeing the firm’s FP&A functions, helping the firm increase its ROI.

Palak Gupta

Sr. HR Executive

Palak is our goal-oriented HR leader, delivering talent acquisition, pilots the execution of HR strategies, and fetches the solution to harness the sole power of our valuable asset- Employees. With her intellectual and affable aura, she keeps fostering the GLOBUSSOFT culture to boost growth by highlighting the value of communication and teamwork with smart and approachable air.