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March 12, 2020
Globussoft’s Collab With BIT Sparks Excitement Among Students!

Globussoft, Chhattisgarh’s leader in Software Development Services, and Digital transformation, on Wednesday introduced its Center of Excellence for Machine Learning initiative with BIT, Durg. The program focuses on Machine Learning inclusion aimed to give opportunities to the aspiring students of the college.     Mr. Sumit Ghosh, founder and CEO of Globussoft Technologies, has taken...

October 11, 2019
Best Indian Startup Companies For Your Dream Job In 2020

The Republic of India is the biggest democracy in the world and holds 1,382,831,274 human population up till now.  India has seen enormous growth within the last few decades, be it in technology, businesses, economy, living standards, education, and more. However, one of the biggest revolutions that have happened in India belongs to the exposure...

October 1, 2019
Globussoft Announces 100+ Exciting New Jobs

Onboarding new talented faces at Globussoft, HQ for permanent jobs that range in experience from entry-level roles to the experienced software developers to data scientists.    Bhilai, 01st October’2019 Globussoft Technologies is Central India’s global software product development company, providing technology products across a wide range of verticals. As a result of the noteworthy and...

September 13, 2019
Top 7 Tech Jobs That Will Be Most In-Demand In 2020

With virtual reality, artificial intelligence, Cybersecurity, the Blockchain, IoT products and devices ringing in, and making their way into the enterprise, many new IT jobs will be making their way towards popularity in the coming years. By 2020, it is sure that companies will be going through massive digital transformation. The IT sector roles will...

September 11, 2019
What Makes Us One Of The Best SEO Companies In India?

There are tons of SEO companies in India that involves taking more than giving back. Unfortunately, this not so good approach has made individuals skeptical or even has left people to distrust digital marketing agencies altogether. At Globussoft, we have clients coming to us with horror stories of their earlier work done by other businesses...