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From Director’s Desk

From Director Desk

Mr. Shyamal Ghosh

Arthur C. Clarke truly says, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” 
Thus, by turning idealisms into potentials, shaping dreams into reality, and exploring what was formerly off the beaten path, Globussoft has marked the ray of sunshine by accomplishing these all.

Dedication, commitment, quality, and performance-driven approach are some of the areas in which we excel as we owe our resilience to these fundamental characteristics.
Globussoft does this through the combination of product design and development, system improvement, and cost controls in our manufacturing and marketing operations.

Our diverse talented team is our greatest asset. We have got our own beliefs, values, and codes of practice, that are highly nurtured inside the company and append a keen focus on technology, clients, and above all, the society. The ongoing optimization of our organization’s operational and manufacturing process creates maximum cost efficiency by using resources optimally.
Globussoft has always been a flag-bearer in an effort to bring the technology ahead of time. So, we strived to be the best IT industry that delivers sustainable business, software excellence, and great revenue generation.

On a final note, we firmly believe that the future holds promise for us. We are proud of having earned the patronage of many reputed companies in the US, U.K. & India and strive to add many more to our customer base. We pledge to see our growth in yours and have customer focus as our guiding light in the universe of Information Technology.
So if you are an enterprise or a professional, as a consumer or a supplier of this digital era, I welcome you as a co-traveler in our quest for excellence. Together, we can accelerate our corporate or individual digital aspirations on the revolutionary platform.

Thank you, one and all, on behalf of the Globussoft Family.

Mr. Shyamal Ghosh
Managing Director

Director Sir