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Having a job where there is a strong sense of community and professionalism is one of the things that I have dreamt the most. And I have achieved it here! Since the day I joined hands with Globussoft, I have been with some wonderful folks who made going to work every day a joy. Glad to be a part of the Globussoft family.

Shruti Shekhar

HR Coordinator

I joined the firm recently after a long break and right from day one I found myself welcomed here. What I appreciate most about Globussoft is that every employee always feels connected to the company and bores true job satisfaction. Working here feels like serving the 2nd family I got!

Tarna Reddy

Front Office Executive

Meeting new people and connecting with them has always been my thing. And Globussoft has given me an outlet to do what I love the most! My role has given me an opportunity to learn new things about the field and grow professionally as well as personally.

Varsha Sahu

IT Recruiter

It’s been more than 4 years since I joined the firm. And from that day onwards, I have made constant progression in my career. From a content intern to senior content writer, I have had numerous opportunities to learn something new and fascinating that has aided in my professional and personal development.

Mridul Sinha

Sr. Content Writer

I have been working at Globussoft for a long time. I have seen it change, grow & accomplish milestones very closely. Harboring all of that experience, I can say that Globussoft has not only made its mark over its clients & employees at an industry level but on a personal level too. Truly glad to be one of the contributors to its success.

Malti Kumari

Production Associate

Globussoft gave me a chance to grow my career as a fresher into an experienced professional with the help, assistance, and trust of my superiors. I also thank our boss, Mr. Sumit Ghosh, for his full support and guidance given by him.

Maneesh Dewangan

Digital Media Associate

 Thank you! It’s been a long time working with Globussoft, and I must say that my journey has been amazing. I have learned a lot of new things and grow both professionally as well as personally in these years. Thank you once again for providing me with the opportunity, and consistently appreciating my work.

Sujeet Ojha


I enjoy the open-door policy at Globussoft! The ability to openly share your ideas and concerns with our seniors and to see them sprout into reality is something that I admire the most. I am proud to be a part of the Globus family!

Vinod Kumar

DevOps Engineer

I have been in Globussoft for a while and I can say that the firm empowers its people to learn from real-world experiences. They follow the rule of ‘expertise over experience’ and allow a fresher to grow beyond expectations! It is commendable to be working with such a management.

Aadarsh Bajpai

Software Developer

I have a knack for creativity & innovation. And Globussoft is one of those firms that has helped me develop my proficiency in that direction. Their insightful remarks and discussions have always managed to inspire me creatively and practically. It is wonderful to be a part of the team that empowers your zeal to make a difference!

Shaik Showkath

Desktop Support Engineer

Globussoft has been an inspiring workplace where I have had the privilege of contributing as a Software Tester. The company’s commitment to excellence, paired with a supportive and collaborative environment, has allowed me to grow professionally. Working here has been a fulfilling experience, and I am proud to be part of a team that consistently pushes the boundaries of software quality assurance.

Shivam Purohit

Software Tester