Globussoft understands that delivering on certain projects can be quite demanding. It also values an individual’s earing for work-life balance. There are days which are bright and there are days when things aren’t so well. Being with a company which respects the circumstances of our is certainly a thrilling experience

Rajendra Kumar

Sr. Web Designer, Globussoft

We believe in sharing our success and prosperity with our employees, who we believe are our biggest stakeholders. We understand that liabilities each of one us has and so we offer best-in-the-industry compensation package to our employees.

Biswatma Nayak

Sr. Android Programmer, Globussoft

Globussoft has various offices across the globe. From the top management to senior management to team leaders to new employees, we have vibrant, synergistic and supportive team players from different cultures who bring in their individual expertise, understanding and knowledge of different processes and domains. Working together is so much fun here

Kamal Kumar Sain

Sr. Business Analyst, Globussoft

We are accustomed to work in an environment where ‘excellence’ is expected in everything we do. Our good job and performance on the floor never goes unnoticed and unappreciated. This supercharges us to perform all the time.

Deepak Sahu

Accountant, Globussoft

The company has grown from a few friends working at a garage to a full-fledged work force of 300+ and while we continue to grow at a rapid pace, the management makes sure that they listen to and address everybody’s concern in keeping the place vibrant, bias-free and cooperative in all situations.

Chanchal Santra

Web Designer, Globussoft

I enjoy the open-door policy at Globussoft. I can walk in to any colleague be it from Top or Senior Management and also include the TL and concerned developers and executives to handle a particular project or to complete a given assignment. Our teams have no hesitation is sharing their thoughts and best practices in approaching and solving problems.

Manoj Sahu

Business Development Associate, Globussoft

We treat our people as our biggest asset and deploy resources to train and enrich them. We believe when our people’s vision of their career growth matches with the company’s vision magic happens. Our processes and succession plans are designed to match our people’s aspiration for an evolving and fulfilling career.

Papia Debnath

Content Writer, Globussoft

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