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Our Team

Our Team

“Coming together is the beginning

Keeping together is progress

Working together is success.”


Creative HeadRajendra Pal

Rajendra is our senior creative head with 13+ years of extensive supervisory experience nurturing the soul of projects with an innovative aspect. At Globussoft, with his spark of creativeness, he is adept at building relationships with clients and abstracts business concepts into progressive, elegant, and creative solutions so commendable that it is easier to notice from anywhere.

HR and Finance HeadDeepak Sahu

Deepak works closely with Globussoft’s board as a senior accountant to define and execute finance-related initiatives and plan for future growth, including budgeting, forecasting, pricing, and strategic planning. He also leads forecasting activities, due diligence, & valuation for acquisitions, while overseeing the firm’s FP&A functions, helping the firm increase its ROI.

IT Infra HeadDev Dutta Anand

Dev is the brain behind Globussoft's network & data security excellence. Holding more than 17 years of in-depth expertise, he resembles & executes the core IT projects. He owns a firm grasp on bearing the core responsibilities to ensure the smooth operation of the IT department. Our man behind reframing & protection of the company so that we can mark milestones.

Sr. HR ExecutiveRahul Kharalkar

Rahul Kharalkar is a self-motivated perfectionist with business-driven initiatives in mind. He has created a cooperative equilibrium for the entire management of the organization in his 9 years of expertise. He not only has the ability to keep a harmonious relationship between the company and its employees, but he also has good experience in making substantial contributions to the development of a more inviting workplace culture.

Sr. HR ExecutivePalak Gupta

Palak is our goal-oriented HR leader, delivering talent acquisition, pilots the execution of HR strategies, and fetches the solution to harness the sole power of our valuable asset- Employees. With her intellectual and affable aura, she keeps fostering the GLOBUSSOFT culture to boost growth by highlighting the value of communication and teamwork with smart and approachable air.

HR ExecutiveSudeepta Chaudhary

Sudeepta is our fast-paced HR professional, leading company goals with the business-driven initiatives. She has made a significant impact on overall administration via developing stable harmony under challenging environments. Her experience, expertise and knowledge in responsible oversight management has brought value and fueled strong partnerships between the company and employees.

Sr. Business AnalystManoj K Sahu

Manoj has been providing top-notch analytical and resource management advice to the development of the company. He is known for his ability to complete deliverables ahead of time. He puts his best foot forward for evaluating & managing business practices to help the company have long term growth. Till now, his efforts have resulted in a considerable increase in productivity & ROI.
Kissan Mohanram

Sales ManagerKissan Mohanram

Kissan is our enthusiastic sales manager at Globussoft for over 5 years. He has been responsible for bringing innovative client onboarding solutions & maintaining long-term relationships with them. Throughout his career, he has established solid foundations for the company with decisions & strengthening ROI networks for the long term.

Product Marketing ManagerAbhishek Sharma

Abhishek is driven by his intense passion towards SEO and digital marketing. With his rigorous experiments on SEO audits & innovative ways for digital marketing, he has made a big impact on our product performances. Any marketing requires excellent command over brand communication & backend website bug fixing, and Abhishek Sharma has it all!

Technical Content HeadHrisha Bhuwal

Hrisha Bhuwal is the Head of Content Marketing at Globussoft. An impeccable leader with all-around experience in content analysis, product marketing, and competitive intelligence. At Globussoft, she has been a key aspect in creating and training a team of content marketers while forging new ground in storytelling. With a knack for delving deep into people's heads, she continues to strike a chord with product and marketing experts in this highly competitive marketing sector.

Sr. Technical WriterSrishti Sahu

Srishti is our incredibly talented, self-motivated, and vivacious technical content writer. At Globussoft, she has been compassionate and creative with her writing skills and knowledge of content marketing. Her efforts in executing the duties and responsibilities has been significant to the company during intense times. Her zeal to add value in every piece of content can be from far away. With an aura of intellect team work, she's been a core element of our prime projects.

Sr. Digital Media AssociateAjay Goyal

As a Senior Digital Media Associate, Ajay combines creative and strategic thinking with attention to drive success for Globussoft clients. His excellence in managing a whole team of professionals and assisting a long list of social media management clients is commendable. He has contributed to the company’s growth from 10+ years, ever since he joined the firm, by working on day-to-day projects, specializing in website promotions, and marketing for different B2B clients.

Sr. Email Marketing SpecialistKajal Jakati

Kajal is a professional with a strong work ethic, and has a talent for hitting every note in email marketing. She is skilled in creating email lists, segmenting audiences, setting up automated processes, and nurturing prospects through email marketing. She has been collaborating across departments to create an email marketing plan that will attract, engage, and keep consumers coming back for more.

Sr. Digital Marketing SpecialistKishank Kumar Sahu

Kishank Kumar Sahu is a man of many talents that has been delivering a strategic direction to Globussoft for the past 10 years. He is an intellectual and passionate individual who is committed to building strategy around platforms which lead a team to successfully function & deliver. His expertise, experience, and upper hand in Digital Marketing blend perfectly with the company's vision & mission.

Sr. WordPress DeveloperRashmi Tandi

Rashmi is an experienced WordPress developer with a demonstrated history of creativity. With a mind for detail-oriented & brilliant in programming languages, she is a hands-on professional with strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, Google Analytics, Bootstrap, & Javascript. She leaves no stone unturned & has made an exceptional impact on our digital goals by enhancing our website’s influence in the industry.

Sr. QT DeveloperMd. Kaish

Kaish is a compassionate, analytical, and action-oriented professional who values taking initiative. In his role as a senior QT developer, he maintains the Java code base, fixes bugs and issues, improves code quality, and engages himself in driving futuristic solutions that are in sync with the company's goals. He is focused on developing and implementing ideas that have the potential to stimulate growth.

Sr. Node JS/ PHP DeveloperSuresh Babu

Suresh is our determined, fast-paced, and passionate Node JS developer with a proven track record of creating outstanding profit-making applications at Globussoft. His deep knowledge of server-side, frontend optimization techniques, and new technologies have empowered the company to onboard profit-making software development projects and facilitated us in achieving milestones under a regulated budget.
Md. Noorul Ain

Sr. Dot Net DeveloperMd. Noorul Ain

Md Noorul is known in the company as someone who has a strong passion for building high availability, secure, transaction-based technology software. He has established scalable frameworks with his excellent analytical skills & business-grade solutions under a agile delivery model. His presence in the organization has created exclusive opportunities for the company to expand itself towards endless possibilities.

PHP/ Node JS DeveloperDanish Alam

Danish is our highly skilled PHP/ Node JS Developer with expertise in building scalable, maintainable, & reliable web applications along with APIs. At Globussoft, he has helped us keep our heads high for the development of large-scale projects on complex platforms. His contribution has established a reputation for itself in a way that boosted the bandwidth of the company to take on more projects.

Technical Product Manager - Data & AIParth Sojitra

Our paced intellect thinker cum Data Scientist who leverages AI and Data Science to build hyper-personalization solutions for our customers. Here, he has 4 years of broad-based experience in evolving data-intensive apps, predictive modelling, data mining, and programming. His ambition is driven towards delivering vast services to translate business and functional qualifications into tangible deliverables.