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On a Mission to Create a Better World With Technology

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On a Mission to Create a
Better World With Technology

Our Journey

Globussoft was founded as an IT and Software service provider in 2009, and it has proved to be a pioneer in the field of technology since then, powered by innovation and creativity. Our headquarters are situated in Bhilai (CG) and our branch is located in Bengaluru ( KA). Specializing in providing the best technology and digital media solutions across multiple countries, our main motto is to be ahead of time and beyond the curve. Our client base has spread across 85 countries with almost over 9200 customers.

We have been in the business for over a decade and on a daily basis, we build the most sophisticated data solutions for a variety of sectors. We are surrounded by the most innovative brains, and we hope to become a trailblazing company in the future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and deliver business and high-end technology solutions that meet the demands of our customers and help them achieve their goals.

Globussoft helps you alter your company and boost its performance. We want to give you the products you need to respond to shifting market dynamics more swiftly and intuitively. We help you become more nimble and competitive by enhancing your ability to utilize the proper technologies.

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. Our professionals collaborate with your employees to establish a strong team. Our ability to collaborate has become a critical client expectation, rather than merely a promise. It comes through in everything we do, and it’s how we build stronger, more productive relationships.

Our Values

Our principles represent how we do business, including our professional ethics in interacting with business partners, investors, workers, and the general public. Our values are:


Based on our customers’ requests and requirements, our expertise ensures that personalized and proven solutions are provided to the highest standard.


We believe in instilling an ownership quotient in every employee’s thinking to create a participative mindset. Employees believe they are an integral component of the success strategy.

Focused Leadership

We place a major emphasis on achieving successful results. As a result, to achieve efficient results, we mix deep functional expertise, worldwide benchmarks, and holistic persons.

Our Vision

Globussoft understands that technology alone cannot produce business value. It all starts with people: a group of experts working together to get to the heart of your company’s specific objectives and build the best solutions to achieve them. We believe that your firm will benefit from this human-centered approach to technology.

By bringing together new ideas, constant process improvement, and people that make things happen, we aim to be the first choice of clients and customers all around the world. We are well aware that no two consumer landscapes are the same. As a result, the Globussoft process includes a clear solution that is specifically tailored to the clients’ problems. We take a phased approach to aligning the goals with the company’s overarching strategy.

Our vision is to continue to improve and become a top performer and a global leader in this competitive industry. Fortunately, we’ve been able to assemble a team of experts that can form and mold their combined experiences, and they all have great skills that can help our company move forward.


Globussoft has developed a lot of products and softwares and we are glad to announce that our products have done really well in the market. Some of our finest products/softwares include EmpMonitor.

EmpMonitor on the other hand is a powerful workforce management software that allows users to monitor and manage employees’ productivity without having to physically examine them. The software takes frequent and automatic screenshots at the specified intervals. Not only that, but it also provides you with extensive feedback on your employees’ performance, including a graph of their overall performance, real working and non-working hours, ideal and break time details, website and application usability and a lot more other features.

In this pandemic situation, where companies shifted to remote work culture, EmpMonitor played a very crucial role. Small, medium and large businesses used our software to ensure proper management of employees. 

Our Culture

We consider each individual’s needs to assist in creating environments that stimulate innovation and maximize potential. To that end, we encourage our employees to work in a variety of functions, geographies, and cultures throughout their careers.

Aside from personal development, we encourage all of our employees to connect with the company and buy into their goals, ambitions, and corporate values in a way that inspires them to want to drive the company ahead proactively and achieve success.

We are devoted to bringing people from all origins, cultures, and thinking processes together to create a rich resource of talent and viewpoints, as well as life and professional experiences.

What’s Next - Our future is digital

Thank you for being a part of our quest to become one of the most successful IT firms in the world. We are continuously innovating to offer world-class compatibility, more privacy, more productivity, and more value to make the technology work for you, thanks to your involvement and support.

In the coming future, we will focus on assisting businesses in accelerating the adoption of new technologies, resolving difficult challenges that arise often throughout the digital transformation, and orchestrating continuous innovation. Whether it’s consumer-oriented software or a transformational enterprise-class solution, we will be developing and innovating to satisfy the consumer and client needs.

Our Partners In Business

Our partners are the lifeblood and are the most valuable assets of our company. Being with us for a decade, they completely trust us because of our passion and commitment to serve the best results.


@ Globussoft

A dynamic and engaging team can make all the difference, and we’re lucky to have some of the brightest and kindest individuals on board to help us along the way. Have a look at our dream team.