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Leads Acquisition on Steroids

Effortless Way To Get Intent-Based Leads From Facebook and LinkedIn

Lead Generation Software to Stimulate Your Marketing

Socio Lead’s Pro is a distinctive tool designed to help marketers capture more targeted leads from the top social networking platforms Facebook and LinkedIn. This incredibly productive software also helps to search and monitor the groups on Facebook and LinkedIn related to your keywords.

Powerful Chrome Extension

Download our robust Chrome extension, open your Facebook profile to activate it, and you will see all ads, their insights, and publishers ad history on your news feed.

User Activity

Using the best Artificial Intelligence technique, our frameworks consequently comprehend users' activity and qualifies them as leads.

Relevant Data

Our system gathers the most relevant data and organizes them in a very systematic way under different variables to make it convenient for users.

Search and Monitor

Easily search as well as monitor the activities on your targeted Facebook and LinkedIn Groups


Make your experience smoother by searching/monitoring the groups for particular keywords. Our extensive algorithm will get you the most appropriate results in no time.


Enjoy intent based leads from people who are involved with the keywords you have provided by showing some activity in posts or comments section.

Here Are Some Of Our Best Features

Easy For Everybody

No need to struggle to find any specific details. Everything is up, visible in the dashboard, Total leads count, Facebook Leads Count, LinkedIn Leads Count everything.
Facebook Account
No need to struggle to find any specific details. Everything is up, visible in the dashboard, total leads count, Facebook leads count, LinkedIn Leads Count, everything.
LInkedIn Account
Get started to target leads from LinkedIn by simply logging in to your account and start adding keywords and group names you want to focus on. You can also edit the group list as per your wish.
Socioleads Dashboard

Focus On The Details

Live search and display
Create a more user-friendly and interactive searches and check out all the posts displayed in one scrollable tile format.
View and Sort
Choose how you want leads data to be viewed and sorted using different variables like date, no.of comments, no. of shares, etc.
Save your data for the future by exporting the list containing leads information in a .CSV file.

Perfect And Productive

Free Installation
The chrome extension of Socio Leads Pro is absolutely free and very easy to install. You can use it for a lifetime without any worries.
Affordable Plans
Select your plan from the six available options, including a free one, and get started with this amazing tool. Each plan is customized according to the different needs of users.
Unlimited leads
Scale up your marketing and increase your sales with unlimited intent-based leads for no added cost.