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The Open Source Social Media Management is Different from Its Traditional Counterpart

February 4, 2014by GLBADMIN12

Social Media is a segment of World Wide Web which users employ to share ideas, personal messages, and other multimedia content. A good approach for businesses can be to sell a wide range of products and services to diverse audiences. In agreement, the argument is “willful ignorance is not an option”.

Firms use social media for a lot of reasons, some entities use social media for marketing communications and even customer support activities. This very fact makes the lack of unified access more of a troublemaker. For many businesses the implementation of social media is limited to just vanity metrics.

Perhaps the main reason for no open source social media management application is that there’s a lot of apprehension about privacy. The code of conduct is intricate (with lot of grey areas) and most firms are in dilemma about what to convey. There’s a lot more confusion related to comparison of traditional marketing and social media marketing essentials, for the first thing we should know is the functionality and requirements of both traditional and social media marketing.

Open source Social Media: Anyone can independently start and add on to any type of open source project, but the infield use of open source solutions may even then come at a cost, generally for services and extra product levels that a company wraps up the open code with. The fundamental thought at the base of open source movement are regarding freedom that people have fundamental rights in the social media arena that they use equally as every other part of life. It’s about people’s privileges to create things they’re enthusiastic about. One must cherish the right to chose whatever he desires to post, advertise, speak and perform all the way through social media.

Established marketing pattern: This perception corresponds to the early manufacturing phase when there was a widespread shortage of manufactured goods in the marketplace. Then, the most important role of marketing was to make the products extensively accessible to the clientele at an reasonable value and the idea of marketing was apprehended consequently. The conventional concepts of marketing have slender advance and consign too much importance on the physical surroundings of financial goals and services.

As per the existing circumstances one needs to move on with the changing pace and trend for which open source social media marketing ploy seems getting ahead of that customary pattern.

This concept could be efficiently completed with a quality situational case study. Think about a big jovial dinner table, set with scores of delicious dishes for everyone to pick from. You can stack whatever you wish on your plate or, better yet, just blob your bread into any dish you please, all while observing what others are piling on their plate and noticing whether they’re using a fork or a spoon and listening the talks around the table.

In congruence to this most probably many of you might not see it to be pleasant if you are provided with predetermined stuff with little or no alternate elements to choose from.

Key well-known factors what Open source means to Social media

  1. Innate platform for fast-developing social
  2. Media and social networking
  3. You can pile whatever you like on your plate Originality
  4. Increased returns
  5. Emphasis on great branding opportunity

But again, with all this proficiency and sincerity people will come across new challenges on web. One big test will be to make the web more and more personal and make it possible to fuel live interaction. With massive potential come certain challenges but what matters is the awareness and viewpoint on how a person puts up on a social media platform