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Web Designing Trends in 2016 and Predictions for 2017

August 10, 2016by GLBADMIN1

Trends may be defined as the necessary changes that are needed for an individual, group of individual, users, business, etc. In this digital era, all are bound to accept new trends. This logic has been followed and will be followed by all kind of stuff. Customers incline towards the company who provides trendy work as an output. The companies achieve it efficiently with the help of two skills known to be web design and web development. In this blog, you will get an idea how to design and create websites in the coming year in a fascinating and productive manner.

1] The Creation of UI patterns:



There is a demerit of responsive web design, most of the websites look similar. But, it is not only due to the responsive design but it is due to the development of WordPress site and flourishing themes market.

Example of UI pattern: If you take the case of a travel site then you need to consider some of the possible sequences of users’ action:

  • A travel website gives the user a list of conceivable places to visit or stay.
  • The user clicks the photograph of a mesmeric cottage. Nothing happens. Lesson erudite: Photos don’t prompt more data about every property.
  • The user keeps on investigating. He or she may search for a “more information” button on the quick rate. They may start clicking on the photo again and again, sometimes. Left all alone, a stubborn user will keep on clicking distinctive components looking for more data about the cottage.
  • At the end, they tap the name of the cottage (maybe exhibited as a link or button), and they’re set to a more thorough page. The user understands a mesmeric air yet no free breakfast. It doesn’t appropriate their criteria, so they continue searching.

Instantly, here’s where the pattern hits in. User learned that one photo isn’t clickable, except the hotel’s name, the user now understands accurately what to do.

2] Friendly Animation:



Animation plays an important role in website design. The high-quality animation will convey the take of the website effortlessly to the users. It can be separated into distinct kinds like large scale, small scale, scrolling, loading, motion, hover and in the type of background video. Animations inside a website can be done in numerous ways with the presence of navigation additionally another control. So, it provides users a plane viewing experience.

3] Material Designs:



Flat web designs have caught such a great amount of consideration of web designers nowadays, and Google has launched the trend of material designs against the flat designs. Most vital part of a material design is it doesn’t base itself to an individual structure. In this manner, web developers get an opportunity to utilize a wide assortment of tools while making material designs. The utilization of cards assumes a fundamental part being developed of material designs.

4] Micro-interactions:



Micro-interactions occurs to be a vital portion of any applications. This idea fills different needs, for example, the sign of a feedback or status to the users, and it additionally helps customers in the managing of some specific activities in a site. This idea is extremely valuable for every single advanced site to convey certain pin- point thoughts toward users.

Some remarkable trends have developed as best practices in these days. Moderation enlivened a bundle of sites that are perfect, quick and simple-to-use. Responsive web plan helps numerous organizations to have less stress over designing for a consistent stream of new tools. Great patterns go along and tend to stick. Most importantly, users should go along with your design the most.