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5 Brilliant Tips to Learning New Programming Languages

August 29, 2016by GLBADMIN48

Learning is a continuous process. Especially for tech savvys, it is the driving element of their career. Everyday some new technology is getting launched. So programmers, have to learn new programming languages and enhance their skills.

So here in this article, we are giving five simple tips that help them learning new programming languages easily.

Learn from programming courses:

Getting new courses is so easy nowadays. If you want to learn a new language, there are plenty of online courses available. Just for example, if you want to learn PHP, you can get free course material on W3Schools.

If you have already learnt the basics of a language and want to go deeper, you can get more knowledge through websites like udemy.

And needless to say, YouTube is also there for us. You can find plenty of video tutorials of programming languages on youtube. Watching the video helps a lot. You can get the solutions for your problems you come across while working on your project.

Take programming challenges:

Test your programming knowledge with online tests. Taking these tests helps you in realizing your knowledge of that particular language. You can get to know new dimensions of that language and learn more things.

You can refer to websites like coderbyte that offers free quizzes and puzzles to test your skills. With these quizzes, you can improve your speed as well. On some other websites, you can compete with other programmers where you can hone your skills to a great extent.

Leverage open source software:

Open source software is the software which you can get access to and develop it. There is a developer community for every open source software where they work on improving the software and add on new features.

You too can get access to the source code of the software. So, observe what is going on the community. Just like reading a coding book, read the code by line and know the flow of the code.

Once you got some idea on that software, start contributing to it. However, you would make some mistakes and get some feedback. Use this as a chance to learn more about coding in that language.

Start your own project:

Studying is up to some level only. You have to put what you have learnt into practice. It is better to start your own pet project. Take a simple web or desktop application. Carve out your ideas and try to implement them.

The best part of this practice is, you can get the entire credit of what you learnt. And you need not blame anyone for the mistakes that you make. You are the sole responsible of your project. When you are working on your own project, you can put more efforts to make it grand. Thus, there would be a chance of learning more.

Group programming to learn more:

Group programming allows you to get the right feedback of your work. Through this pair programming, you can get feedback and observe other’s work as well. You can select a partner for your project. So, you can learn something new from that person and teach them that they don’t know. Thus, there is a great scope for knowledge sharing on the Group Programming.

People can work together on a project or they can compete on a contest. Thus, group programming is a great opportunity for learning new programming language effectively.


So guys, these are the five tips that we suggest to master new programming languages in an easy and effective manner. Practice is the key element of learning. There are many methods of practicing. You can practice by your own or you can associate, compete and compare with others. However, the second one is the better way of learning. Because, no one is perfect at anything. We have to give knowledge to and grab knowledge from others.

What say you guys? Share your ideas and opinions in the comment box below.