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11 Predictions for Big Data which Everyone Must Know

October 5, 2016by GLBADMIN187

No one can deny of the fact that Big Data has already taken the business world to next level. We all are curious to know what more refinement we can predict in coming years. As business entrepreneurs are more eager to know whether data will grow? What technologies can be developed with it and how will it uplift their business growth.

In this blog, I will discuss 11 predictions which are made by experts about Big Data evolution. This would help the entrepreneurs to prepare or upgrade their business strategy to implement the new features of Big data.

Let’s take a look on some of the prediction from leading experts in this field and how far it is possible for business person’s to implement them in their business.

#1 Prediction: Data volume will go on Expanding:

There is no doubt that, we will generate huge volumes of data especially when it comes to new technologies, Internet-connecting devices. Day by day for human convenience and easy life, new devices will emerge which create more space to expand the volume of data.

#2 Prediction: Form of Analysing Data will Improve:


Currently, SQL is used for analyzing data, as per experts soon it will be replaced by Spark. It’s a new emerging complementary tool that can analyze data in better and faster manner.

#3 Prediction: More Tools for Data Analysis will Develope:

In the coming year, we can find more and more tools for data analysis to simplify relationship with customers. Few leading company has already announced a new feature where a non-coder can develop a mobile app to check business data.

#4 Prediction: Marketing Algorithms will also Emerge:

Currently, marketers are purchasing programs and add their own data for maintenance of business. But in future, they can directly use algorithms suiting to their business as it gives a fair platform for growth and profit marketing.

#5 Prediction: Entrepreneur can raise up to $430 billion productivity:

Big data enables entrepreneurs to run their marketing smoothly and in a faster, way plus they collect a healthy revenue profit. Hence, it gives more scope to raise their productivity level. Using big data gives very less chance for risky marketing as productivity raises, profit level will also go up.

#6 Prediction: Automation Software will bring a huge change:


Nowadays every software has automation feature which is only made possible due to Big Data. Not only software, even in a field of artificial intelligence and other automated technologies usage of big data is going up. This creates more opportunities for software marketers as well as the scientist to enhance their work with Big Data.

#7 Prediction: Give Intelligent platform to understand Customers:

With advanced features of Big data, manufacturers can easily check what are customers requirements.  This helps business persons maintaining a healthy relationship with customers and making profits in business.

#8 Prediction: Real-time operations on Data:

Customers demand real-time operation which is an upcoming feature of Big data. Because it allows people to make the quick and exact decision in real time using programs like Spark and Kafka.

#9 Prediction: Enhance Customer experience:


Evolution of Big data with artificial intelligence and automated software will definitely help entrepreneurs to get connected with their customers 24/7. This also allows marketers to understand the demand of customer and satisfy individual customers.

#10 Prediction: Data business is practiced by all companies:

As most of the leading companies are using Big Data to run their business so, even small entrepreneurs or startup can use this. Because it can give them a chance to expand their business by collaborating with big companies.

#11 Prediction:Big Data changing into Fast Data:

The most important prediction for Big Data is, very soon, it is going to change as fast data. In future, it will eliminate useless data, give faster accessibility and handle more volume of data without data drop.  All these qualities can lead to faster accessibility to the customer so, we can hope soon Big data changing to Fast data.

Final Thought:

In short, we can define Big Data as 3v that is volume, velocity, and variety which are key factors to run a business successfully. But, there’s lot more to come which will take marketer’s business a profiting stage without many efforts. The upcoming changes will not only help leading companies, it will give a new platform to startups and small entrepreneur. That’s what I wanted to convey through my blog.