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5 Tips to Improve Your Wired Network Security

November 24, 2016by GLBADMIN2

Today in every Industry, network security is one of the primary steps. Because Company data should be handled with care. Data analyzing, spreadsheet and data processing should be controlled and protected.

Data integrity is one of the greatest factors for the success of the company. In this competitive age of business, everyone wants to overtake each other. To win in the competition and take off their business to a new height is the main purpose of any business person for this they can do anything.

They can hack your company server, or there are different malware which they can send to destroy your database and there are much more ways to through which they can destroy your company network.

And most of the company are using wired network system. And according to research wired network system are easy to hack the wifi network. But updating your wired network will keep your business safe from different online threats.

In this article, I will discuss some of the important steps which you should follow to keep your business network safe from the hackers and other online threats.

Auditing and Mapping of Network

Auditing and mapping are important to understand the entire network’s infrastructure of the network. Auditing and mapping of the network consist process like Network location, Understand the vendor model, and the basic configuration of the firewalls, routers managements, etc.

During auditing and mapping, you will find various ways through which you can increase the security, performance, and reliability of the network. Auditing and mapping are very important for the larger industries who having the larger network.

Network Update

After Completion of the auditing and mapping of the network. Check for the network update. Check firmware or software updates for the different network infrastructure components. Login all the components to check all the default password have been changed or not.

MAC Address Filtering

One of the big issue while using the wired network is that lack of quick and easy authentication. But having MAC address can prevent a hacker from doing serious security hole. This will give you more control over the different devices which are connected to the network. So always keep your MAC address list up-to-date.

Use of VPNs

VPN (virtual private network) which used to create a secure network connection over the public network or the private network on the Internet. To access the data through this network users must having the unique Id and password. And to gain access PIN is also used Which changes according to every after 30 sec. Use VPN to encrypt your server. Through this, you can encrypt all your traffic.

Physically Secure the Network

Physical security of the network is an important part because after that you can say that your Internet is facing the firewall. Without having physical security hackers or even your employee can easily break your network connection. Ensure your plan to protect the outsider from entering into your network. Setup your server secure from your employee reach. Use door and cabinet locks. Verify that Ethernet cable can’t be easily accessible and same with the wireless access point.


Network security is important to protect your data leakage. The above are the simple steps to keep your wired network protected and secure from the hacker and your own employee.